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Portable Wireless Diesel Smoke Opacity Meters

      BT2000 Wireless Smoke Meter

Meets All California's New Printout Requirements

  • Uses The Most Accurate SAE J1667 Method D
  • Low Cost of Ownership
  • Service Time for Most Repairs is One Business Day
  • No Inaccuracies Caused by Fan Drawing in Dust, Soot, Heat or Smoke - Efficient Fanless Sensor


Used By

Municipalities, Shops, Fleets, Public,

Fire Departments, Schools, Government and Miliary


No Expensive Repairs due to Yanked Sensor Cable


Save Time with Free PC Downloading Software.

BT2000 Wireless Smoke Meter  
  • Easy to Use
  • Long battery Life
  • Large Internal Test Storage
BT2000 Wireless Smoke Meter's Printer


Small Light Weight Printer







Five Different Recording Outputs are Available

1: Meter Printout

Print Test from Meter

2: PC Download

Print Test from PC

3: PC Download

Excel Spread Sheet

4: PC Download

Print Smoke Certificate
Digital Verification
5: PC Cloud

Smoke Test Certificate
Digital Verification
  Standard Printout (in 10 seconds) smoke opacity download  pc printout sample CSV download file (open with Excel) Download test with certificate and digital signature (open with adobe reader) Cloud Download with certificate and digital signature (open with adobe reader)

See more details about Smoke Test Recording.


Save Time with Free PC Download Software

Beryl BT Link PC Software

Easy to Maintain Test Records




Optional wired QR Barcode Reader

Optional Wired QR BarCode Reader: (Watch the Barcode Demo Video)

smoke opacity printout with optional download and certificate

Sample PC Smoke Test Printout #4 with Certificate and Digital Verified Signature:

(Watch the PC Smoke Test Download Video)

Wireless smoke opacity sensor

Wireless quick effortless smoke test:


Wireless smoke opacity sensor

Wireless quick attach pole system:

(Watch the Quick attached Video)


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