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Portable Wireless Diesel Smoke Opacity Meters

      BT2000 Wireless Smoke Meter

Compact Powerful System

  • Meets or exceeds all requirements of SAE J1667
  • Uses the most Accurate SAE J1667 Appendix D method to measure smoke opacity
  • Meter, Sensor, and pole weights less than 10lbs
  • Low Yearly Maintenance Cost
  • Build-in Ambient Temperature, Humidity and Air Pressure sensors for automatic ambient test correction


Free PC Downloading Software.

BT2000 Wireless Smoke Meter


Simple Easy to Use

  • Menu driven data entry
  • Long battery Life, sensor does not require a powerful fan or heavy battery.
  • Large Internal Storage Memory and standard download software available.
  • Wireless, no expensive meter to sensor cable to replace annually.
BT2000 Wireless Smoke Meter's Printer


Small Light Weight Printer

  • Prints Full Test Results in less than 10 seconds.
  • Prints on long lasting thermal paper.  Convenient Long Range Wireless Printer
  • Optional: Your Company Logo can be added to Top of Printed Test Results


Five Different Recording Outputs are Available

1: Meter Printout

Print Test from Meter

2: PC Download

Print Test from PC

3: PC Download

Excel Spread Sheet

4: PC Download

Print Smoke Certificate
Digital Verification
5: PC Cloud

Smoke Test Certificate
Digital Verification
  Standard Printout (in 10 seconds) smoke opacity download  pc printout sample CSV download file (open with Excel) Download test with certificate and digital signature (open with adobe reader) Cloud Download with certificate and digital signature (open with adobe reader)

See more details about Smoke Test Recording.


Free PC Download Software

Beryl BT Link PC Software

Easy to Maintain Test Records


with Data Base Support


using  Included PC Software

  • Download Smoke test data to an Excel Spreadsheet
  • Download each smoke test to individual PC File and print smoke test results from PC.
  • Download is compatible with secure upload to Beryl Data Cloud backup system.


Optional wired QR Barcode Reader

Optional Wired QR BarCode Reader: One QR Barcode Scan can read Test Site or Vehicle or Tester information in seconds. (Watch the Barcode Demo Video)

smoke opacity printout with optional download and certificate

Sample PC Smoke Test Printout #4 with Certificate and Digital Verified Signature: Requires standard Beryl's PC download software "BTLink", a custom certificate template, and signature pad. Digital verified signature PDF file is saved with Adobe Acrobat Pro. Once the smoke test are downloaded, certificate and digital verified signature can be added quickly.  Note: Always verify with your local regulators which outputs are acceptable for your regulatory record keeping.

(Watch the PC Smoke Test Download Video)

Wireless smoke opacity sensor

Wireless quick effortless smoke test: Quick setup on low to the ground exhaust systems with and without DPF systems with minimal exhaust heating

(shown with wireless sensor, magnet assembly, and optional plate setup on international box truck with diesel particulate filter DPF


Wireless smoke opacity sensor

Wireless quick attach pole system: Quick and simple wireless sensor attachment/release to high exhaust stacks.  One person can do entire smoke opacity tests on trucks,  buses, RVs, and etc.

(Shown: Wireless Sensor, magnet assembly, and pole setup on a 5 inch flat stack)

(Watch the Quick attached Video)


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