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The company, Beryl Technologies, LLC, manufactures opacity smoke meters for Heavy-Duty Diesel Trucks. All our smoke meters meet all the California Air Resources Board (CARB) printout requirements and comply with the specifications outlined in the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) J1667 recommended. Practice, issued in February 1996, and entitled “Snap-Acceleration Smoke Test Procedure for Heavy-Duty Diesel Powered Vehicles.”


Our mission is:

  1. Apply the latest technology smoke opacity meters.
  2. Provide the highest quality smoke meter to be used in testing heavy-duty diesel trucks.
  3. Provide best in class custom engineering design services.
  4. Be best in class for customer service.


We established Beryl Technologies LLC in 2009. However, our engineers have been designing smoke opacity meters for over 31 years. One of our engineers played a role in developing the procedures, protocols, and standards in developing the SAE J1667. They were a member of the SAE 1667 specifications committee from 1992 to 1999. They also took part in the SAE J1667 smoke meter correlations study in 1996 at Golden West College. Half of Beryl Technologies engineering design staff have Engineering Ph.D.

Custom Engineering Design Services

We have a custom engineering design team that employs an innovative, modular approach to our product designs that often allows Beryl to make customer-requested modifications that quickly address specific application requirements. Customers can promptly customize their products for their development projects with reasonable overall cost.

We have expertise in:

  • System Design
    • System Integration Design
    • Sensor Integration into Systems
    • Opacity Sensor Integration
    • Fluid Dynamics
    • Particle Counter
    • Mechanical Design
    • 3D Modeling & Woodworking & 3D Printing
    • Electrical Design
    • Sensor Design
    • Product Engineering
  • Data Analysis
    • Data Mining
  • Component Design/Analysis
    • Solid-State Imager Design
    • Analog Circuit Design
    • Digital Circuit Design
    • PCB Design
    • Customized Component Design
    • 3D Printed Design/Prototypes
  • Software Development
    • Microcontroller coding
    • PC Based Software
    • Cell Phone Apps
    • Database Design


Our technician/s and sales force are entirely up to date by California Council on Diesel Education and Technology (CCDET) for both In-Class and Online Courses.

Data Analysis

Information is coming soon.

Warranty Information

See Beryl Technologies LLC, warranty information at the warranty page.


BT2000 Wireless Opacity Meter

Quick Simple Easy BT2000 Wireless sensor setup: smoke testing a Fire Pump truck. Sensor setups in seconds with "quick align system"


wired smoke sensor

Simple single operator setup: smoke testing a box truck. System setups in seconds with "quick align system"

(Shown: Wired BT2000 sensor and optional Base plate on 2in exhaust)



wired smoke sensor

Exhaust Low to the ground: Exhaust lower than 6in off the ground can be tested

(Shown: Wired BT2000 sensor and optional Base plate on 3in exhaust 12in off the ground)


Beryl Technologies Environment

Opacity Testing Environment: Beryl's Smoke Opacity testing environment includes Standard Opacity testing, multiple input methods (keyboard, barcode, stored menus), multiple output options (standard printout, download printouts, database storage on local PC, cloud storage, certificate creation), database storage, cloud base storage, data analysis, backend system integration.


Designed in the USA


Made in the USA