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Beryl BT2000 Wireless Smoke Opacity Meter


Meets or Exceeds all SAE J1667 Specifications


Meets all New California ARB's Requirements

No False Pass/Fail Meter Readings

with the BT2000

BT2000 Wireless smoke meter




Simple to Set Max Opacity to 5%, 20% 30% or 40%



Auto Adjust to Ambient Air Cond


Part C17X: Simple to Switch between SAE J1667 and Cargo Handling Equiptment Testing Methods


Now shipping: Updated Sensor Hardware Ver 2.3

For New ARB Standards



Video of Complete Smoke Opacity Test

From Data Entry to Test Printout

Done in 3 1/2 minutes with one Operator


Wireless Smoke Opacity Meter Products

Item Sensor Printer Part # Unit Price Stock*
BT 2000 - J1667

Wireless 2.3 Wireless P17X Call (562) 698-2444

email sales
Shipping Waitlist Orders

BT 2000 - J1667 &

Cargo Handling Equip

Wireless 2.3 Wireless C17X Call (562) 698-2444

email sales
Shipping Waitlist Orders

* Ships 0 to 2 business days After Receipt of Order (ARO) Shipmnents may take a few day more at Low Stock. Longer with very low stock 8

Inventory status last updated: July 19, 2024; 07:39



Meets all of CARB's New Printout and Reporting Rules


Optional BarCode Reader Available

Optional wired QR Barcode Reader

(Watch the PC Smoke Test Download Video)


wireless smoke meter sensor

Simple Instant attach and detach:

 (Watch the Quick Connect Demo Video)


Designed and Made

in the USA